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  • Short waiting time
  • 24 hours every day
  • Immediately help in Bad Homburg


  • State-of-art lock technologies and equipment
  • Modern tools
  • Good cost-benefit ratio


  • Car doors, house door, cellar doors
  • Allways satified customers
  • Quality Cylinders

You need a locksmith in the Bad Homburg area?

This is urgent. This is probably the phrase that appears the most often when a door does not open. Of course the reasons for using this phrase may vary. Some people do not like to stand outside in the rain or cold. Others have forgotten to turn out the oven. And yet some others are simply in a hurry.

One or two of those reasons may apply to you, too. So you had better be prepared for a door slamming shut or a key getting stuck in the lock. Now you are prepared - for help, the locksmith

Standing out in the cold - what to do next?

Imagine for a minute what it would feel like to stand outside of your own home. This is definitely not a nice feeling, but it is something that happens ever so often. What is the only solution in such a case? You call the emergency service, your locksmith waiting for such incidents to happen.

The next step is easy: The service people will arrive, armed with all the right tools and a big smile on their faces. Help ist here, so you can relax. If you like you can watch what happens next - a couple of screws will be turned, a new key may be produced, the lock will be changed. Anything could happen according to what the individual case is.

Aargh, Sunday night - the door is shut!

There are so many different situations surrounding doors and locks. And most of them could happen any day, any time. So, imagine onc again what it woulf feel like to be shut out of your own home, but this time on a Sunday night, with "Tatort" being shown on TV. Do the friendly service people come to your rescue on a Sunday night? Be sure they do! At that point you may actually look forward to watching the rest of the Tatort episode.

The price - do not worry about that!

So many stories surround those nastily steep bills that may be connected with a nasty incidence such as a slammed door. Forget this stories, because they are not true in this case. What you will find to your relief is a bill als transparent as you can imagine. No such things as funny hidden extra costs, nothing that was not discussed beforehand. So if this sounds great to you - you had better keep this phone number ready. Just in case - which might or might not happen.